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Based on the ultra-successful XB8 platform, 
XRAY proudly presents the 2015-spec XB8 which 
incorporates the latest improvements and refinements. 
Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, XRAY XB8 platform designer: 

"During the entire year we have collected feedback, comments, improvements, and suggestions not only from team drivers but also from customers around the globe. Happily, the vast majority of feedback and comments were very positive, and as such we had a very challenging task with the 2015 improvements as there was not much to improve!  

The 2015 XB8 raises the bar even higher in this ultra-competitive, innovation-filled class. The new XB8
incorporates numerous refinements and improvements to make it stronger, better performing, and even more reliable. I am sure you will love it! 

During the next season, our R&D team will continue to work diligently to improve the entire XRAY product lineup, of course including the XB8. We are always ready and eager to hear your input and feedback, so if you have ideas or comments please do not hesitate to see me or any member of the Team XRAY factory team throughout the 2015 season. Enjoy and have the fun with our latest creation." 

2015 All-New Specs:

  • New alu chassis 
  • New side guards 
  • New alu front shock tower 
  • New alu rear shock tower 
  • New diff outdrive adapters 
  • New shock pistons 6 & 8 & 10-hole 
  • New steering ball-joints 
  • New air filter 
  • New front & rear shock springs 
  • New medium clutch springs 
  • New reinforced pivot balls
... and much more!


Newly-redesigned chassis has a more rear flex which helps to generate more traction. 

The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, which is strategically machined in low-stress areas and then anodized to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity. 

Non-essential material below the engine, fuel tank, and differential was removed to allow for the lowest possible center of gravity and appropriate chassis flex. 

Weight distribution, chassis width, and chassis length have a key influence on the handling of the car. All of these features were incorporated into the design of the chassis. 

All screw holes on the bottom of the chassis are countersunk, allowing for a very smooth chassis underside with no protruding screw heads. 

Side Guards.

Side guard reinforcement ribs were removed to generate more flex and traction. 

The tough composite side guards protect the car, muffler, and fuel tank from side impacts. The side guards perfectly fit the chassis and seal against dirt. Ribs on the left side guard protect the fuel tank from muffler heat. 

Shock Towers.

To increase the reliability and lifespan as well as improve performance, the graphite shock towers are replaced with aluminum towers that are CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and then additionally coated. The stiffer alu shock towers, together with new shock positions, improve the performance at high-traction tracks. 

Optional graphite shock towers offer more flex and generate more traction, and are recommended for low-traction tracks. 

Diff Outdrive Adapters.

The longer diff outdrive adapters ensure that the drive shafts will not fall out in extreme crashes at full steering lock. 

To reduce rotating weight, the super-lightweight diff outdrives are machined from HUDY Spring Steel™ which allows unnecessary material to be removed from the outer part of the outdrives to further reduce weight without affecting durability. The inner portions of the outdrives are additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and fitment into the diff case. 

The outdrives are hardened using HUDY’s own special hardening process to provide extended life time and reliability.

Shock Pistons.

New 6, 8 and 10-hole pistons have a new improved design with a better-sealing fit in the shock bodies, which gives improved landings and makes the car more stable.

Reinforced Steering Ball-Joints.

The steering ball-joints were reinforced and made stronger to increase their reliability to withstand hard crashes. 

Air Filter.

To minimize the dust getting into the air filter, the air filter cover mounting positions were modified and improved. 

The smooth-flowing, efficient air filter is made from two parts. Air filter oil is included as standard. The universal rubber elbow allows fitment to most standard 1/8 buggy engines.

Shock Springs.

New shock springs improve the stability of the car and make it easier to drive. 

XB8 springs have been specifically designed to complement the big-bore shocks. 

These XRAY shock springs, like all other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics. 

There are two types of springs offered:
Spring rate is constant during the entire spring compression. Springs with different spring rates are available as optional tuning parts. 
Spring rate is not constant, but rather the spring rate progressively gets heavier the more the spring is compressed. As the car initially enters the corner, the spring works like a softer spring to provide maximum traction. As the chassis begins to roll in the middle of the corner, the spring rate progressively increases until it works like a stiffer spring which allows the car to maintain maximum cornering speed.

Pivot Balls.

The front upper pivot balls were reinforced to improve front suspension reliability in serious crashes. 

XRAY Multi-Flex™.

The invention of XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ has resulted in some of the most significant milestones in RC model car development in the last decade. This innovation has not only resulted in awards and accolades, but has proven to be a distinct competitive advantage at tracks worldwide, helping XRAY cars dominate races at local and national levels. 

XRAY off-road cars were the world’s first off-road cars incorporating Multi-Flex™ adjustment technology, which allows tuning of chassis flex for different track conditions. 

It doesn’t matter if the track has low, medium or super-high traction, you can adjust chassis flex to suit track conditions in a matter of seconds… and then re-adjust flex easily if conditions change. It has never been so easy to professionally set up flex. Yet another smart innovation from XRAY. 
Use the STIFF setting for high-traction tracks where a lot of steering and responsiveness is required. 

The more screws used, the stiffer the car will be; the fewer screws used, the softer the car will be. Do not remove any screws other than those shown.
Use the MEDIUM setting for medium-traction tracks. This setting offers a good balance between steering responsiveness and traction.
Use the SOFT setting for low-traction, dusty tracks. The car will generate a lot of traction with this setting, but will have less steering and response compared to medium and stiff settings.

The all-new XB8…an icon of unequaled
reliability & outstanding performance.

Juraj Hudy and the XRAY Engineering and Racing Teams have designed the all-new XB8 platform as a departure from the conventional off-road concept platform, and to reset the standards for performance, reliability & handling. From the all-new unique XRAY pivot ball suspension XPBS™, XRAY’s own Multi-Flex™ adjustment system, superior weight balance and weight distribution, through to the all-new big-bore high-efficiency shocks, the XB8 is the finest innovative engineering ideas transformed into a pure luxury race car.
“To bring the XRAY 1/8 off-road platform to an all-new level, we had to let go of everything traditional and adopt innovative approaches without considering any limitations. 

I am very happy and proud to present to you the most advanced 1/8 off-road car ever designed. Long-term tested in various conditions by some of the world's best drivers, and made with the artistic craftsmanship of our in-house XRAY factory production specialists, the XB8 is simply the finest race car we have ever made. 

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in Slovakia, Europe with XRAY's legendary attention to the detail, fine materials and extreme performance, I am thrilled to present to you the all-new XB8." 

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy 
XRAY Chief Designer


Building on the heritage of quality, performance, and support evidenced by multiple Car of the Year awards, Viewer’s Choice awards, and countless victories at racetracks around the world (including the prestigious European Championship title), the XB8 is what you would expect of an XRAY car – a premium, professional, high-competition model racing car for the most demanding racers, developed and designed with attention to the smallest details. 

Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using state-of-the-art Swiss and German, and backed by premium service & support, the XB8 is typical XRAY: a luxury masterpiece of engineering.

Back To The Future

“Designing the new off-road platform brought me back in time to 1986 when I first designed and hand made my first 1/8 off-road car; it featured revolutionary pivot ball suspension with adjustable caster, camber, and roll centers. The performance & extreme durability of that car allowed it to win all of the races around.  

Years later in 2004, XRAY’s truly first mass-production XB8 became one of the most successful off-road cars winning the European Championship title. This déjà vu inspired me with the idea to get back to the future with the all-new platform, to have it proudly bear the XB8 name to pay tribute and carry forward the winning heritage.”
Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy 
XRAY Chief Designer

XB8 Debut.

There is no other 1/8 off-road car that had such an incredibly outstanding prototype debut than the new XB8. Reno Savoya & Martin Bayer brought the very first prototype to its first official race – no less than the European Championship – and went on to give one of the most thrilling main final races in EC history. After leading the main final, Reno Savoya finished only 0.7sec behind the winner, with Martin Bayer finishing in a very close 3rd place, making it a double podium finish and one of the most successful prototype debuts ever.
“The improvements in performance and handling of the car are just will love the car like nothing else.”
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