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The XRAY T4 has been our most successful touring car platform, one that the racing and R&D teams continue to improve year-after-year to bring you the finest and best-performing electric touring car in the world. XRAY’s dedicated passion for perfection never stops. At the core of every XRAY car is our passion for high-performance racing cars, dedication for absolute perfection, smart design approach and heritage of our extensive experience and achievements.


Following thousands hours of track-testing with the factory team around the world and thousands of hours in R&D and prototyping, the result is an outstanding race car that is a masterpiece manufactured and machined in-house in Europe, with the extreme precision you would expect from XRAY. I am very proud to present you the new T4.



High Performance.

Since the release of the first XRAY touring car in 1999, XRAY has been a driving force in the 1/10 electric touring car racing scene. Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has led to ever-increasing performance.

High Performance

Winning Heritage.

With countless wins in multiple classes at the local, regional, national and international levels, XRAY has become the standard by which touring cars are measured.

Winning Heritage


The craftsmanship, durability, and performance of XRAY kits have become legendary. Be part of the family, live the heritage.

European Champions

European Champion


For XRAY to win the European Championship title feels fantastic for me on a personal level, as it’s the result of years of hard work. Team XRAY has come close many times to winning the Modified class at European Championship, achieving multiple TQs and podium finishes – even with myself being close to taking a win in previous years, too. Over the years we never gave up and continued our hard work, and it has paid off. I want to congratulate the entire team for this win that is a result of a dedicated teamwork. Together we have achieved great things! We will continue to work hard with our development of the T4 to stay ahead of the competition. The T4'16 is another step forward for this race-winning platform!

European Champion

European Champion


I am very proud and happy that I was able to take the back-to-back European Champion title for XRAY team, it is a great satisfaction for the work. Since I have joined the team several years ago we have continued to work very closely with the team and with Martin ensuring that every year we bring a better car that will be ahead of the competition. Being involved in the development and testing I know how much work and effort the team puts into testing and preparation for every single race and therefore any achievement and victory is a great satisfaction we are all very proud of. I am looking forward the 2016 season and can not wait to hit the track again.

European Champion

European Champion


I want to thank XRAY for their trust in me and making me a part of the Junior Team. Over the last few years I have improved my racing skills and results thanks to the work and knowledge gained from my teammates and the performance & reliability of the XRAY car. To be crowned as Junior European Champion is a wonderful achievement which makes my dedication to continue to improve even stronger. I will continue to work very hard to gain more experience and achieve ever better results.

European Champion

The ETS series has become the most competitive 1/10 electric touring car racing series in the world. It is not only the most highly-attended race, but also the most challenging as all teams from around the world put their maximum attention and focus on this series making the competition level extremely high like at a World Championship. A total of 6 ETS races are run during the season.


XRAY has been one of the most successful teams in that it dominates the ETS with the highest share of cars in the field, and also with the number of victories in the hotly-- contested Stock class. Team XRAY has won the overall ETS championship for the last 4 years in the row: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

European Champion

Racing Team.

Team XRAY continues its winning streak at major international & national races all around the world! Just recently, Team XRAY added plenty of titles including European Champion, ETS Champion, USA Champion and many more to the already impressive list of achievements, which includes more than 300 national titles from around the world, 45 titles from the USA National Championship, and multiple wins at other famous races such as DHI, TITC, LRP, IIC, ETS, Snowbirds, and many others. Be part of one of the most successful racing teams in the world!

Racing Team

Development Team.

The T4 is the world’s most popular electric touring car thanks to ongoing development of the platform; year after year we bring you the best handling & performing touring car. The T4 is designed BY racers FOR racers. No matter if you race in Modified or Stock classes at local, regional, national or even World Championship level… the T4 takes you to the Winners Circle.

Development Team

T4 platform development is quite unique, as there is a wide range of skilled team drivers from all around the world having a direct influence on the development of the platform. All ideas collected from the team are analyzed, then are tested in prototype stage by the team under all track & racing conditions around the world to ensure that in the end only the best improvements are integrated into the new version of the car. Do you want to be part of the T4 development team? Grab your T4 and let us know what you think!


2016 All-New

  • All-new chassis design
  • All-new motor mount flex system
  • All-new top deck
  • All-new rear suspension holder for ARS
  • All-new front ECS drive shafts
  • Improved traction
  • Improved steering characteristics
2016 All-New


The T4’16 features a new chassis that was redesigned to fit the new motor mount plate to allow for more chassis flex adjustment.

The ultra-narrow chassis is only 86mm wide and with the variety of chassis flex adjustment generates the required traction and gives excellent steering characteristics. The chassis design helps the T4’16 to be suitable for all track conditions.

The 2.2mm chassis is CNC-machined from premium-grade graphite material. The chassis features pre-drilled holes for optional parts such as chassis weights, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery holder, and battery strap.

Weight distribution and balance characteristics have been optimized. Due to the increase in LiPo capacity – resulting in additional weight and heavier electronics to handle the increased power of modern brushless systems – the chassis was designed to allow the weight to be moved as close as possible to the chassis centerline in order to maintain proper balance.


Motor Mount Plate.

The new motor mount plate features new extra additional chassis flex adjustment positions.

The motor mount is part of the left layshaft bulkhead to eliminate unwanted tweak. The motor mount is connected to the chassis by 2 screws under the layshaft, and features the mounting system in front of the motor. The motor mount system consists of a motor mount plate that is connected to the motor mount by a button-head screw which is more tweak-free compared to a countersunk screw. The motor mount plate is connected to the chassis via an M3 nut and an extra countersunk screw can be placed ahead of the nut if more reinforcement is needed, or the nut can be removed and 1 of 2 new holes can be used as extra flex adjustment options.

The layshaft part of the motor mount bulkhead allows the removal of front or rear (or both) screws which connect the top deck, as the bearing is fixed to the layshaft bulkhead and does not move. This improves the flex adjustability of the car to better suit different track conditions.

The motor mount is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and is color-coated for a distinctive look.

Motor Mount Plate

Top Deck.

The top deck shape was redesigned to allow for more easy access to the pinion gear, thus making it easier to work on the car.

The shape of the rear portion of the top deck has been specifically designed to achieve maximum traction and in-corner steering. The top deck is machined from premium-grade 2.0mm graphite. An optional belt tensioner can be mounted to the top deck.

Top Deck

Suspension Holders.

All-new rear 1-piece suspension holder for ARS™ system ensures strength in crashes, as well as adding extra roll center positions for the ARS™ suspension.

CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and anodized in a distinctive orange color. XRAY’s legendary attention to detail is noticeable in all the precisely chamfered edges.

Suspension Holders

ECS Drive Shafts.

The all-new Extra-Strong ECS drive shafts are included in the kit as a standard part. The legendary XRAY ECS drive shafts are equalize the speed between the drive shaft and the wheel. With a unique 2-piece joint between the axle and the wheel, the same extreme wheel turning angle is divided into two shallower angles without joint binding. This means that regardless of cornering speed and wheel angle, the inner wheel will not bind or vibrate. Drive through the corner is more stable, more precise, and easier to drive.

With the ECS drive shafts, wheel vibrations and noise are decreased to minimum, steering is increased, and cornering speed & smoothness are noticeably increased.

Drive shafts are exclusively manufactured from special world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™. The drive shafts are strategically lightened – see the hollow end of the dog bone – to guarantee the lowest possible weight without compromising strength or durability. These specially-lightened drive shafts can only be manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ which was developed for extreme racing conditions. The drive shafts have been additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and to provide true rotation and unbinding drivetrain operation.

ECS Drive ShaftsECS Drive Shafts

Aluminum Bulkheads.

The T4 platform – with centralized weight placement – features the smallest and lightest bulkheads ever, positioned more towards the chassis centerline to provide maximum traction & steering, and improved balance.

To accommodate the ball-bearing anti-roll bar mounting system, the bulkheads feature a special anti-roll bar mounting area where the anti-roll bar mounting collars are installed.

All bulkhead parts are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car.

The bulkheads are anodized in a distinctive orange color. (Note: Color may vary slightly between products.) XRAY’s legendary attention to detail is noticeable in all the precisely chamfered edges.

Aluminum Bulkheads

Upper Clamps.

The aluminum upper clamps allow for very quick & easy roll center adjustment with 4 different roll center mounting positions. All upper clamps are identical and can be used both front & rear.

Made from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, orange anodized.

Upper Clamps

Layshaft Bulkhead.

The layshaft bulkhead allows the removal of front or rear (or both) screws which connect the top deck, as the bearing is fixed to the layshaft bulkhead and does not move. This improves the flex adjustability of the car to better suit it to different track conditions and surfaces.

Made from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, orange anodized.

Layshaft Bulkhead

Anti-roll Bar System.

The wobble-free anti-roll bar system is mounted to the front & rear bulkheads via bearings from outside for extra-smooth movement and quick & easy changes and adjustment. The roll bar turns in ball-bearings for maximum precision and free movement. Anti-roll bar height is adjustable via a screw.

Anti-roll Bar System

Anti-Roll Bars.

The complete range of different anti-roll bar thicknesses is designed to work with the ball-bearing roll bar mounting system. Front 1.4mm and rear 1.3mm anti-roll bars are included as standard in the kit. Anti-roll bars have laser-engraved stripes (corresponding to bar thickness) for easy identification.

Anti-Roll Bars

Proven Suspension Geometry.

From the narrow arms, through the tiny front and rear suspension blocks, to the small and robust steering blocks, every suspension part has been specially designed to provide responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions. Over the years XRAY has successfully gained and utilized extensive suspension geometry knowledge and self-developed suspension stiffness technology, which have been utilized when designing suspension parts. The ultra-lightweight suspension parts are molded from a special composite material that makes the parts very light yet very durable to withstand the rigors of high-performance racing.

The T4 platform features optimized suspension parts carried over from the T3 platform. The arms feature a single optimized shock mounting position and integrated anti-roll bar mounts. The rear arms feature three anti-roll bar mounts for super-fine adjustment of the anti-roll bar.

Proven Suspension Geometry

ARS™ System.

The kit includes both standard and Active Rear Suspension (ARS™) rear suspension. ARS™ offers great adjustment possibilities and driving characteristics.

ARS™ suspension consists of: suspension arms, graphite 0° C-hubs for optimal flex characteristics, hard steering blocks, and ARS™ linkages which connect suspension holders with the suspension block. The angle of ARS™ linkages –set by adding/removing shims on the suspension block and suspension holder – changes the toe-in characteristics of the rear tires during chassis roll.

ARS™ SystemARS™ SystemARS™ SystemARS™ System

Suspension Holders.

Aluminum suspension holders feature Integrated Suspension Settings (ISS) which allow super-fast & easy suspension geometry setting. This XRAY concept was first introduced in the very first XB8 and has successfully been carried over to 1/10 onroad.

Suspension holders allow more durable mounting of the suspension arms. With the suspension holders, the geometry of the car does not change even under hard crashes. Thanks to the mounting system, arms move very freely to give higher traction and the car feels smoother in corners which also positively influences steering characteristics.

Suspension holders are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car.

There are two types of the suspension holders, each specifically designed and chosen to provide the required characteristics – stability, traction, and flex:

  • Front of the FRONT suspension – 1-piece
  • Rear of the FRONT suspension – 1-piece for stability, easy to drive in all conditions but especially under high-traction conditions. Optional 2-piece holders give increased in-corner steering, and are recommended for use on asphalt and low-traction track conditions.
  • Front of the REAR suspension – 2-piece for maximum rear traction. Optional 1-piece provides increased rotation of the car in high-traction track conditions.
  • Rear of the REAR suspension – 1-piece for more steering and better rotation. Recommended for high-grip conditions only, as it decreases rear traction. When using ARS™ suspension, the alu rear lower 1-piece suspension holder must be used with #302201 alu brace post for ARS™.

The suspension holders are color-coated in a distinctive orange color. XRAY’s legendary attention to detail is noticeable in all the precisely chamfered edges.

Suspension HoldersSuspension Holders

I.S.S.TM Suspension Bushings.

Using eccentric suspension bushings inserted into aluminum suspension blocks, as well as additional use of suspension shims and suspension parts, the T4 suspension geometry is completely adjustable including:

I.S.S.TM Suspension Bushings
I.S.S.TM Suspension Bushings

A complete set of various eccentric bushings is included for complete suspension geometry adjustment.

Suspension Arms.

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